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Visit this protected area on a tour to see the most emblematic places of the Park, especially for the famous bird watching. Estimated time: 4 hours. Price 35 € / person (minor 10 25 years €).
See the traditional architecture that is representative of this area in such town as Casas del Castañar; the natural sites (gorges, landscapes...) and learn all about cherries on a guided visit to a local cherry orchard.. The visit will be adapted to the season of the year .
Visit the Monastery of Yuste (entry not included), the artistic heritage site of Garganta la Olla and the Paprika Museum in Jaraiz de la Vera.
Visit the roman city of Caparra and its neighbour, Granadilla. There is also a full day activity, which would include visiting Hervás (food not included).

Plasencia guided tour

During the visit tour walk the main streets and monuments, discovering the beauty of its two cathedrals, palacios, stories and legends.

Duranción 2 hours. Price 10 € / person.


Guided hikes of the North of Extremadura region , Available in:: Monfragüe National Park, Valle del Jerte, The Vera or the Valle del Ambroz.
Consult with the House for prices.

Princess route or Robledo: Circular hiking trail 14,5 km in length, sign posted moderate difficulty you can do at your leisure by boyal pastureland of Malpartida de Plasencia. It is one of the few routes MONFRAGÜE Reserve which runs through oak forests. Also called Princess route anthropomorphic tombs you can visit in the tour.Ruta de la Princesa

Hiking trails in the National Park of Monfragüe. See this link possible routes.Routes Biosphere Reserve Monfragüe

Geocaching route on pastureland boyal “Robledo”.

Geocaching guide

Rutas Geocaching



If you are interested in playing tennis or paddle there are public facilities 5 minute walk from the house (4 covers and paddle courts 2 Tennis courts). Cost 1 € / hour. Track is reserved online at (select Malpartida de Plasencia Town Hall).


Guided tours of Monfragüe and the whole Extremadura Northern mountain electric bike. Routes for all levels and all ages (possibility cart to take children from 9 months to 30 kilos). Maximum 8 people. Routes can be made from the same accommodation or is in a different area may request transportation to the chosen area. Guiding prices between 25-35 € / person.

Greenway next: old track disused railway reused as motorized route to be traveled on foot and by bicycle. In Monfragüe we have a stretch of 17 km.Via Verde route .


In calm waters.

Duration 2,5 hours. Price 25 € / person (Children under 10 years 15 €).


Canyoning in Vera and Jerte Valley, intermediate and basic level. Ages from 12 years. Guiding prices between 35-45 € / person.



Horseback riding for all levels (from 5 year old). The equestrian center is about 30 km from the house:

route charge for one hour since the horse climbs 18 € / person. Route of 2 hours 25 € / person. Path-time 45 € / person.

At the time of the Berrea (autumn) equestrian trails are made for the evening in the Park Monfragüe. Consult with the House for prices.

You can also make introductory courses riding. Check the price.[/toggle


Destino Starlight

The route consists of an evening stroll through the Park of Monfragüe to climb to the Castle. From there one can see the stars and constellations, as well as learn the use of the planisphere. You can also do this activity in a place near the village or in the same housing.

The approximate duration is of 2,5 hours. Price 25 € / person (without displacement).


Without leaving the confort of the House, you can choose between different types of massages: Physiotherapy, relaxing, low back pain, sciatica, tendinitis.

Price 30 €. Approximate duration 45 minutes.

Reiki sessions


The following abbreviations are used for parties that have been declared of tourist interest at different levels:

FITI: Festival of international tourist interest
FITN: Festival of national tourist interest
FITR: fair of regional tourist interest


JARRAMPLAS (FITN): All the years, the days 19 and 20 January the Cacereña town of Piornal (Valle del Jerte) to 28 Malpartida km, celebrates the fiesta of Jarramplas. A man wearing a suit full of multicolored ribbons of demon who hides his face behind a mask, It runs through the streets of the village a tambourine as the neighbors let him turnips by way of punishment. The legend tells of Jarramplas was a thief who stole cattle and neighbors decided to punish him throwing vegetables.

the carantoñas: Acehuche to 70 Malpartida km.


LOS NEGRITOS DE SAN BLAS (FITR): Held days 2 and 3 in honor of San Blas in Montehermoso (The Alagon Valley) to 40 Malpartida km.
ROUTE OF CHARLES V (FITR): A festival that commemorates the last route made by the Emperor Carlos V the 3 February's 1557 from the castle of the counts of Oropesa in Jarandilla de la Vera de Yuste Monastery. The path that is held annually to commemorate this historical event, is of 10 km and will take place on Saturday 13 the hiking route and Sunday 14 the equestrian route.

CARNIVAL IN Malpartida de Plasencia: Come and enjoy the carnival in our town with a parade that you can not miss.
CARNIVAL OF CAMPO ARAÑUELO (FITR): Held in Navalmoral de la Mata to 50 Malpartida by the motorway EX_A1 km.

THE REQUESTED OF Patatera: Shrove Tuesday in Malpartida de Caceres. In the late nineteenth century the village youth “fifths” roamed the homes of relatives and girlfriends pidicndo patatera to face the last day of carnival and loot rode a party in the town square.

THE PEROPALO (FITR): Villanueva de la Vera to 83 Malpartida km, It celebrates the Carnival recreating the popular judgment an evil-doer from a mysterious ancient tradition. Dances, music, parades and fun, with the Peropalo as the protagonist.


BURNING OF JUDAS: It is highly recommended to visit Cabezuela del Valle to 40 Malpartida km for the festivities of our Lady of Sorrows Albs, that held the 25 March, and in which stands out the burning of Judas: a straw-filled puppet, gunpowder and firecrackers is walked by all the people before set fire on the banks of the Jerte Saturday at midnight.


Easter in Malpartida de Plasencia.
Easter in Plasencia (FITR) to 7 Malpartida km.
Easter week in Cáceres (FITI) to 80 Malpartida km by highway.
THE IMPALE YOU (FITR): From the middle of the night of Holy Thursday the impale you will begin its procession through the streets of Valverde de la Vera to 80 Malpartida km. All the impale you go barefoot, with a heavy wheel plow on his shoulders upon their arms and his torso with a rope, dressed in a white petticoat and covering their faces with a white veil on which is placed a Crown of thorns. They begin his Via Crucis de 14 stations in the most absolute silence, each accompanied by a Cyrene, carrying an on lantern to light your way. Like this, at each station of the cross, the Empalaos and his companions kneel and pray.
THE Chirivi (FITR): Every Easter Sunday, in Trujillo to 120 km of Malpartida by the EX_A1 motorway and A5, This celebration in which residents dressed up in their traditional costumes of shepherds are concentrated in the Plaza Mayor willing to live and enjoy a great day of celebration.
OUR LADY OF LIGHT: Malpartida de Plasencia is celebrated the second Sunday after Easter Sunday and is the Festival par excellence of the town. During the previous week moved image of the Virgin to the parish church for acts of Novena and cult. The descent of the Virgin is carried out in procession, to be held following the traditional bid of arms and offerings to the Virgin.
Trujillo Cheese Fair: Every year during the weekend in May this renowned fair is held to 1 Malpartida time.


8 May: Malpartida de Plasencia route within the circuit walk Extremadura 2016 of the Extremadura Federation of mountain and climbing (Fexme).
Festival of the bonfires in Tornavacas (Valle del Jerte) to 53 Malpartida km. The 2 may, nothing but darken, the village is filled with bonfires to celebrate being ancient tradition, Magic-tinged and in which bonfires serve as an excuse to chat, taste typical sweets and wine, and even for roasting meat. The most important of the bonfires is that stands in the Centre of the village, in the Plaza de la Iglesia.
Parties VIRIATO Guijo de Santa Barbara (La Vera) the last weekend in May. In memory of the Lusitanian shepherd who fought against the Roman Empire and, According to oral tradition, He was born in this town in the region of La Vera.


THE CERECERA: The collection of cherries in the Valle del Jerte is done during the months of may, June and July. At this time held for years the "Cerecera", cultural proposal that encompasses various activities.
FAIRS IN PLASENCIA: second weekend of this month.



FAIRS IN MALPARTIDA DE PLASENCIA during the first weekend of July.


MORE TUESDAY (FITR): First Tuesday in August. Since its founding in the 13th century by King Alfonso VIII, is traditional in Plasencia, to 7 Malpartida km, the celebration of a market, where ranchers gather, farmers, artisans, etc. arrivals from populations of the region, with the idea to sell your goods or make transactions. The origin of this tradition, It probably comes from institutionalized medieval traditions of markets in imitation of a Souk or Arab market, so deeply rooted among the Muslim population. The Muslims would be part of the founding population of Plasencia at the behest of King Alfonso VIII.
LA ENRAMÁ (FITR): Peculiar fiesta in which young people of Pinofranqueado, to 71 Malpartida km, come together in a unique rite of pairing whose roots are lost in the past.
FESTIVAL FOLK: The International Festival of Folk music from Plasencia, to 7 Malpartida km, It has established itself as one of the great festivals of the national folk scene. Plasencia bet for renewal without losing the roots, the latest trends in folk music.


Contemporary music series the Vostell Museum in Malpartida de Cáceres to 85 Malpartida km by highway.


FIESTA DE LA HISPANIDAD (FITR) in Guadeloupe to 116 km of Malpartida day 12 October.
THE AUTUMN in Valle del Jerte


MAGICAL AUTUMN (FITR) in Valle del Ambroz
THE AUTUMN in Valle del Jerte


THE BROOM (FITR): According to the peoples of the Earth, the feast of the broom is born of a pastoral tradition. It seems that when the shepherds returned saw came ground with mops of broom switched on that, When arrived at Jarandilla de la Vera, to 45 Malpartida km, They smokily beating, with friendly broom ones to others. Since then, each 7 This feast is celebrated in December.
THE ENCAMISÁ (FITR): Held the night of the 7 December in Torrejoncillo to 50 Malpartida km. The origin is uncertain, Although many theories based it on a group of inhabitants were entrusted to the Virgin at the battle of Pavia and covered with white sheets during the fight were able to be saved. In gratitude to the Virgin, la Purisima Halloween night, advocates of the Encamisá out in procession covered with white sheets. In the main square the encounter with the banner the Virgin and fired their shotguns and salvas shout it. It continues with a nearly three hour tour where riders carry the banner.
Feast of Santa Barbara and Los CAMPANILLOS: Guijo de Santa Barbara (La Vera) to 49 Malpartida km. Of the 3 to the 7 of December.
Flamenco Festival "village mines Moret" in Caceres to 80 Malpartida km by highway.